Sunday, November 18, 2007

Spinning Content: This is a small part of my CMF stash. Autumn, Ocean (maybe Azure Skies), Forgetmenot, Emerald Coast. 300 - 500 yds per 8oz. All spindled Corriedale. 1 lb of each of the greens remains unspun, grabbed when they were sadly discontinued. This was an easy fiber for a beginner, very smooth drafting. I was making 500 - 1000yds a month then which could be why the hand difficulties occurred. Then they introduced the Sock Hop rovings, also amply represented in my stash.

Beautiful rovings posted on etsy this weekend. I hadn't ordered any for 3 weeks. So after the stress of taking the Learner's Permit out for a ride.... Also put up a project on Ravelry. Took about an hour 'cause they kept filling in the wrong pattern name but the next one should be easier. It also said they weren't reading the blog but the link is up and works. Probably I just can't enter it correctly.

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