Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not going to be any swatches soon so here's the sample skeins of BFL from FatCatKnits, Part of a sizeable holiday shipment. Left is 3ply fingering, right sport. Even allowing for the sun/not sun settings, the cream has vanished. The brick is also gone. The colors are true in both pictures. The fingering was spun from an 18" length divided in half and then in thirds. The 2ply is from the other half divided in half again. Probably it will look way different when spun from longer and more random lengths. I do plan to make enough 3ply to try socks and see how they wear. This fiber is amazingly soft. The color would be acceptable for a Man-scarf. Would also make good boy-babywear.
Have had issues with the Wooleewinder making the wheel wobble so went back to the regular flyer for these. Tried "oiling the travel screw through the slit". Hoping to avoid the total taking apart of the device.

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