Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The color is truthful in the slightly fuzzy sock picture. Very olive and reddish browns. 4 oz BFL from FlawfulFibers. 2ply knit on Addi 1 12 in circs. Cast on 72 stitches. This is my first BFL finished project, amazingly soft and almost slippery.


gray la gran said...

OMG ! those socks came from that fiber ?! i don't yet own a wheel ... but i think it would fantastic to spin up your own sock yarn =)
it's amazing how it looks as roving and the finished product ... even the leap from spun to socks. it's amazing!

Jan in ND said...

I love your socks. The earthy colors are luscious. It's so much fun to watch the fiber and color change at each step. Your pics show that so nicely. Lovely spinning and knitting!

Thanks for your nice comments on my KnitMe sock spinning project. After seeing yours, I'm definitely going to try some BFL.