Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonderful restraint shopping at Stitches. I really wanted ALL of the Araucania sock yarn but left some for others. The 2 skeins on the left are actually the same color name but from different sellers. The colors of all are very close except the pink which is much darker and purply in person. The only skein wound had no knots, very even and smooth. The STR booth was well stocked when I hit it but jammed. Probably spent an hour there with trying to see the sock stuff and the very slow line. They need about 6 checkout people for the first day. 1 skein Silkie, 1 lightweight and 1 Geisha. That is about 1000 yards/8 oz of mohair, silk and nylon, incredible feel but may be a slippery slope to knit. There may have been a shawl pin aquisition also.

Bavarian Knitting with Sarah Peasely was a great class. It should have been a 6 hour one. Packed with information, the homework was appropriately listed and used, she had swatches to illustrate the handouts. Hope they hire her for next year (she was a substitute). Take any class of hers. Total accident but this was the first class I've taken where everyone was on a skill level that enabled smooth use of the time.

The Marathon on Sunday made getting home difficult. I had to hike about a mile through the mean streets to catch up to the DH. And it was hot. ALL because he wanted to get a pizza at a new place in the city. If he had come in the usual way there would have been no problem. The pizza was very good but I was too pooped to enjoy it. http://www.zellaspizzeria.com/ on Hollins St across from the Market.

It's still hot here. Endless summer courtesy of the oil/auto/Dubya cartel.

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Genuine-Lye said...

My LYS just got that sock yarn, too! I'm picking some up next time I go in.

And, uh, uh, I kind have a rabbit that I need some pink yarn for (so exusable) two socks without mates and a half finished scarf. The Ribby and the Jaywalker.

I am so doomed.