Saturday, October 13, 2007

We finally left the 90 degree temps behind. SO MUCH nicer, easy to sleep at night. But Mike is sad. He stands at the door, flattens and then hisses at me. I am to blame for the wind and mist and cold. He only resembles a penguin in coloration.

This fiber is Shetland from Winderwood on ebay. Much softer than commercial shetland yarn. Last time I checked him, there were no dyed rovings. Hopefully he's just taking a rest. So sad if he quit; all his stuff is nice quality, no bleeding.

I've been taking classes at Stitches this weekend. Friday's class was very annoying. I sense that the teacher could have been very good but there was a woeful lack of organization. And there was one VERY ANNOYING woman who appeared not to know how to do much. Like cast on, seed stitch. She monopolized the teacher for 2 hours and then the teacher had the nerve to cross the room and start talking about choosing yarns. "Can we get back to the class?" in a loud NJ accent. Hard to believe someone hasn't lost her in a swamp before this. Today's class was good. Spin to Knit with Merike Saarniit. Even if you already knew how to spin it was enjoyable. I would take another class with her. Made a few inpulse buys of sock yarn. Just in case they stop making it any time in the next 20 years.

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