Saturday, October 13, 2007

This roving is from etsy seller Fat CatKnits. I thought it was super stunning and my fiber-challenged friends were like "Hmm". Great example of how radically spinning can change colors. The blue/purple vanished leaving a few runs of steel gray. There is a lot of orange in the yarn and much golden brown. Very difficult taking a decent picture of the yarn. It was coming out too light and yellow. 8oz, 650 yds, of fingering weight. Finally figured out lining up the pictures so they don't stair-step.
My son saw 3 foxes in the backyard this week. We have a little creek about 300 yds down at the end of a steep hill. That's where our property ends. There's quite a bit of wildlife, especially with the drought. But we've never seen 3 at once. At least the coyotes haven't moved in yet.

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