Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is the yarn from the last post. Having to go to Wallyworld today as the local grocery has NO Halloween candy out. What are last-minute shoppers supposed to do? Not that we ever have many visitors, max was 15 and last year none, but you never know. Most of the people on our street close up and turn out the lights. The person next door decorated like crazy for the first few years he lived there but he got 1 kid last year and this year has not bothered. Aside from 1 baby my 17 yr old is the youngest for about 20 houses.

It's turned quickly cold with 30's at night. The kid announced this morning that he needed gloves and hats. As we were leaving the house for school. He accused me of wearing his hats and losing them. Certainly not making him any when they disappear faster than the speed of light. He already lost one jacket this week. Hope Wally hasn't sold out.

The nasty starlings have reappeared at the feeders after a one month absence. Darn. Thought they might have gone south for the winter. I can't put out food for the big woodpeckers cause they eat it in 1/2 hour. The 2 foxes were relaxing on the back hill yesterday, enjoying the sun about 20 feet from the house. The apples are about finished so maybe they'll move on. Maybe in honor of the day I'll go dig out something orange to work on.

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