Friday, October 26, 2007

Made some small test skeins with various combinations of the darker roving and then decided to chop up the lighter one and add bits to liven it up. I have 12 oz of the darker and 4 of the lighter. Will end up with about 900 yds of worsted weight 3ply. 350 yds finished and then it started raining. Too gloomy to take a decent picture of what is already a darkish yarn. Used up the testers making a darkish swatch on #5 at 5.5 st to 1 inch. I like to get related rovings from the same seller and mix them. This is from etsy FiberDenn, BFL, nice, smooth and colorfast. We do REALLY need the rain. No complaints.
The most same color stuff I have spun is about 1 pound. This isn't enough to make a sweater for me although possibly a vest. And it is a STRUGGLE to get through that pound. Can't imagine finishing 1500/2000 yds. Always want to move on to a new color. I think about combining my 3ply with purchased stuff but there really isn't a comparable item. Mostly rather spin than knit anyhow. Too indecisive to pick a project. My figure is not conducive to striped clothing, so the skeins continue to pile up.

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