Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is the yarn from the last post. Having to go to Wallyworld today as the local grocery has NO Halloween candy out. What are last-minute shoppers supposed to do? Not that we ever have many visitors, max was 15 and last year none, but you never know. Most of the people on our street close up and turn out the lights. The person next door decorated like crazy for the first few years he lived there but he got 1 kid last year and this year has not bothered. Aside from 1 baby my 17 yr old is the youngest for about 20 houses.

It's turned quickly cold with 30's at night. The kid announced this morning that he needed gloves and hats. As we were leaving the house for school. He accused me of wearing his hats and losing them. Certainly not making him any when they disappear faster than the speed of light. He already lost one jacket this week. Hope Wally hasn't sold out.

The nasty starlings have reappeared at the feeders after a one month absence. Darn. Thought they might have gone south for the winter. I can't put out food for the big woodpeckers cause they eat it in 1/2 hour. The 2 foxes were relaxing on the back hill yesterday, enjoying the sun about 20 feet from the house. The apples are about finished so maybe they'll move on. Maybe in honor of the day I'll go dig out something orange to work on.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Made some small test skeins with various combinations of the darker roving and then decided to chop up the lighter one and add bits to liven it up. I have 12 oz of the darker and 4 of the lighter. Will end up with about 900 yds of worsted weight 3ply. 350 yds finished and then it started raining. Too gloomy to take a decent picture of what is already a darkish yarn. Used up the testers making a darkish swatch on #5 at 5.5 st to 1 inch. I like to get related rovings from the same seller and mix them. This is from etsy FiberDenn, BFL, nice, smooth and colorfast. We do REALLY need the rain. No complaints.
The most same color stuff I have spun is about 1 pound. This isn't enough to make a sweater for me although possibly a vest. And it is a STRUGGLE to get through that pound. Can't imagine finishing 1500/2000 yds. Always want to move on to a new color. I think about combining my 3ply with purchased stuff but there really isn't a comparable item. Mostly rather spin than knit anyhow. Too indecisive to pick a project. My figure is not conducive to striped clothing, so the skeins continue to pile up.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Got my Ravelry invite. 3 days later. They apparently have a thingy on the queue checker that resends the invite if you keep checking. And my number hadn't moved in a few days. Possibly gobbled by AOL's spam filter although it doesn't do such a hot job on the real spam. Then I had to do Flickr. All without help from the male members of the household. Before my presence made the server go down I looked at lots of Monkeys and Swallowtails. Very informative. This will be a big help in choosing yarns and needles. Then there's the time spent following links to blogs and Flickr. Certainly going to cut into my Spider Solitaire time. Mike says: "Don't cut into Kitty-lunchtime".

Wonderful restraint shopping at Stitches. I really wanted ALL of the Araucania sock yarn but left some for others. The 2 skeins on the left are actually the same color name but from different sellers. The colors of all are very close except the pink which is much darker and purply in person. The only skein wound had no knots, very even and smooth. The STR booth was well stocked when I hit it but jammed. Probably spent an hour there with trying to see the sock stuff and the very slow line. They need about 6 checkout people for the first day. 1 skein Silkie, 1 lightweight and 1 Geisha. That is about 1000 yards/8 oz of mohair, silk and nylon, incredible feel but may be a slippery slope to knit. There may have been a shawl pin aquisition also.

Bavarian Knitting with Sarah Peasely was a great class. It should have been a 6 hour one. Packed with information, the homework was appropriately listed and used, she had swatches to illustrate the handouts. Hope they hire her for next year (she was a substitute). Take any class of hers. Total accident but this was the first class I've taken where everyone was on a skill level that enabled smooth use of the time.

The Marathon on Sunday made getting home difficult. I had to hike about a mile through the mean streets to catch up to the DH. And it was hot. ALL because he wanted to get a pizza at a new place in the city. If he had come in the usual way there would have been no problem. The pizza was very good but I was too pooped to enjoy it. on Hollins St across from the Market.

It's still hot here. Endless summer courtesy of the oil/auto/Dubya cartel.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

This roving is from etsy seller Fat CatKnits. I thought it was super stunning and my fiber-challenged friends were like "Hmm". Great example of how radically spinning can change colors. The blue/purple vanished leaving a few runs of steel gray. There is a lot of orange in the yarn and much golden brown. Very difficult taking a decent picture of the yarn. It was coming out too light and yellow. 8oz, 650 yds, of fingering weight. Finally figured out lining up the pictures so they don't stair-step.
My son saw 3 foxes in the backyard this week. We have a little creek about 300 yds down at the end of a steep hill. That's where our property ends. There's quite a bit of wildlife, especially with the drought. But we've never seen 3 at once. At least the coyotes haven't moved in yet.

We finally left the 90 degree temps behind. SO MUCH nicer, easy to sleep at night. But Mike is sad. He stands at the door, flattens and then hisses at me. I am to blame for the wind and mist and cold. He only resembles a penguin in coloration.

This fiber is Shetland from Winderwood on ebay. Much softer than commercial shetland yarn. Last time I checked him, there were no dyed rovings. Hopefully he's just taking a rest. So sad if he quit; all his stuff is nice quality, no bleeding.

I've been taking classes at Stitches this weekend. Friday's class was very annoying. I sense that the teacher could have been very good but there was a woeful lack of organization. And there was one VERY ANNOYING woman who appeared not to know how to do much. Like cast on, seed stitch. She monopolized the teacher for 2 hours and then the teacher had the nerve to cross the room and start talking about choosing yarns. "Can we get back to the class?" in a loud NJ accent. Hard to believe someone hasn't lost her in a swamp before this. Today's class was good. Spin to Knit with Merike Saarniit. Even if you already knew how to spin it was enjoyable. I would take another class with her. Made a few inpulse buys of sock yarn. Just in case they stop making it any time in the next 20 years.