Sunday, September 9, 2007

These are two 4oz rovings from etsy seller Artateaglesfind. The colors are exact on my monitor. Plain wool. Separated out into dark and other, spun and 3 plied on Lendrum wooleewinder middle whorl. 435yds I would probably use a US5 or 6 to knit with. They were quite colorfast when washed. The dark skein is especially gorgeous. I didn't separate pink and orange, the skeins just came out that way.

The whole week here was hot and muggy, the plants are just trying to hold on in case a little rain shows up. More bad kid problems but I know it's going to get even worse. So I bought 4 units of sock yarn to cheer myself up. The power company is getting rich off us now to make up for the cool weeks in spring. Even with the AC I feel damp. Can't justify putting it on 65. Mikey is still spending the day outside but I have caught him planked on the tile porch floor.

Somehow I was able to move the pictures in my last post, can't now. Sorry they're clumped.

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