Monday, September 3, 2007

The socks in the previous post were Hederas from Online cotton blend. Addi 1's. Details omitted due to agitation. Things have gotten a tad better, decided to drop the weekly Carmax visit. Kid problems remain in high gear. Still very hot here, no rain but a little cooler at night. We've had the AC off for 2 days.

Started spinning up some Ashland "Baltic". Very boring but making a nice basic yarn that will be good for a child sweater. So much of the roving I'm attracted to would NOT be good on little boys. Will have about 450 yds of 2 ply from 8 oz. If I ever finish it. The first fibers I bought, back at the beginning of spindling, were from Ashland. There weren't the large variety of hand painteds available then. I have 8oz each of boring tweedy dark red, dark green and dark brown. Very nice quality, just dull. When they came out with the new colors last (?) year, I got a few of them to try. Rose Quartz wins 'Most Ugly' looks like old mortar with some embalmed spider mites stuck to it. Sadly, again 8 oz. And I finished it. If dyeing ever takes place here, that will be the first to go. Hollyberry (can't find it for a picture - could I have actually made something with it?) and Daffodil were gorgeous. The light blue I forgot the name of.

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