Thursday, September 27, 2007

Famous Nancy Bush sock, knit on Addi 1's. Cast on a few extra stitches and decreased to the pattern amount at the heel. It seems as if there must be people in the sock making world who have a bigger calf than ankle. Yet most patterns assume equality. I always cast on 10 -12 more and decrease about every inch of the cuff. Medium size person. The yarn was purchased in Port Townsend, Washington at a shop called Yarndiva. Very nice lady who seemed to specialise in solid colors. This is Chinese, no idea of the yardage, I used about 1 1/2 balls at 5$ per. This yarn is most like fingering yarns from the 40's and 50's, tightly twisted, hard wool. Softens when washed but will be very durable. The stitch definition is too good. I also got a few balls of sport weight that may be from the same company. They feel like Karabella 8 but are more twisted. Very springy.
Very hot this week, they promised rain today but now have waffled to a 50% chance late tonight. Too hot to knit and almost too hot to spin. Mike is enjoying the heat. He had a collar for a few days and had to stay in. Chewed a hole in his nether regions and became infected. Shave and a shot, lots of yelling. Poor vet. Wish animals could understand not to worry at irritations.

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