Thursday, September 27, 2007

Famous Nancy Bush sock, knit on Addi 1's. Cast on a few extra stitches and decreased to the pattern amount at the heel. It seems as if there must be people in the sock making world who have a bigger calf than ankle. Yet most patterns assume equality. I always cast on 10 -12 more and decrease about every inch of the cuff. Medium size person. The yarn was purchased in Port Townsend, Washington at a shop called Yarndiva. Very nice lady who seemed to specialise in solid colors. This is Chinese, no idea of the yardage, I used about 1 1/2 balls at 5$ per. This yarn is most like fingering yarns from the 40's and 50's, tightly twisted, hard wool. Softens when washed but will be very durable. The stitch definition is too good. I also got a few balls of sport weight that may be from the same company. They feel like Karabella 8 but are more twisted. Very springy.
Very hot this week, they promised rain today but now have waffled to a 50% chance late tonight. Too hot to knit and almost too hot to spin. Mike is enjoying the heat. He had a collar for a few days and had to stay in. Chewed a hole in his nether regions and became infected. Shave and a shot, lots of yelling. Poor vet. Wish animals could understand not to worry at irritations.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Me Too

Everyone is posting about Abby's Batts so here's mine. The color is just a tad more blue, a very peacock effect. I thought I was spinning thin but as usual, wash and poof. DK weight and enough for mittens or hat. Extremely smooth fiber, almost spun itself. This is some of the most even yarn I've made. And shiny.
We've had 2 nights in the 50's even though it hits 85 in the daytime. The humidity left. Saw some falling leaves, but they were dead from lack of rain not the season. It was actually bearable at my volunteer job today, we've been drenched in sweat for weeks.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

These are two 4oz rovings from etsy seller Artateaglesfind. The colors are exact on my monitor. Plain wool. Separated out into dark and other, spun and 3 plied on Lendrum wooleewinder middle whorl. 435yds I would probably use a US5 or 6 to knit with. They were quite colorfast when washed. The dark skein is especially gorgeous. I didn't separate pink and orange, the skeins just came out that way.

The whole week here was hot and muggy, the plants are just trying to hold on in case a little rain shows up. More bad kid problems but I know it's going to get even worse. So I bought 4 units of sock yarn to cheer myself up. The power company is getting rich off us now to make up for the cool weeks in spring. Even with the AC I feel damp. Can't justify putting it on 65. Mikey is still spending the day outside but I have caught him planked on the tile porch floor.

Somehow I was able to move the pictures in my last post, can't now. Sorry they're clumped.

Monday, September 3, 2007

The socks in the previous post were Hederas from Online cotton blend. Addi 1's. Details omitted due to agitation. Things have gotten a tad better, decided to drop the weekly Carmax visit. Kid problems remain in high gear. Still very hot here, no rain but a little cooler at night. We've had the AC off for 2 days.

Started spinning up some Ashland "Baltic". Very boring but making a nice basic yarn that will be good for a child sweater. So much of the roving I'm attracted to would NOT be good on little boys. Will have about 450 yds of 2 ply from 8 oz. If I ever finish it. The first fibers I bought, back at the beginning of spindling, were from Ashland. There weren't the large variety of hand painteds available then. I have 8oz each of boring tweedy dark red, dark green and dark brown. Very nice quality, just dull. When they came out with the new colors last (?) year, I got a few of them to try. Rose Quartz wins 'Most Ugly' looks like old mortar with some embalmed spider mites stuck to it. Sadly, again 8 oz. And I finished it. If dyeing ever takes place here, that will be the first to go. Hollyberry (can't find it for a picture - could I have actually made something with it?) and Daffodil were gorgeous. The light blue I forgot the name of.