Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dropped In It

So many bad things happening to one person. I had promised myself not to make this blog a personal vent but... It all started with Southwest. "Flight delayed". Then they kept sending a person with updates who kept promising there would be a plane. 6 hours into the wait a passenger with a laptop saw that the flight had been cancelled. One hour later the desk personnel admitted it, said there weren't any seats available the next day and the first open were basically in 48 hours. They then closed up shop. 10pm. This inspired an act of uncharacteristic bravery by me and a wonderful woman named Tracy as we rented a car and drove all night to our previous destination. The rest areas on 95 are very scary at 2am.

I did this because I had a meeting at the school that morning, trying to get my son registered. Counselor with a big attitude due to a problem with the previous parent. She told me my materials were worthless, I'd not prepared the proper yaddayaddayadda. This after 3 weeks of frequent communication. And being up for 30 hours. Picked up my worthless stuff, left with no word of farewell, went home, slept 4 hours and went to work. Update on this situation: after much ado she dumped my file on another counselor this Monday. Didn't hear from them, went over and cornered various people and got another appointment for Friday. Hoping for luck as school is supposed to start on Monday. No one had any intention of calling me. "So we are having this meeting so late so I don't have time to go to the superintendent?" Yes I said it, the 4 ladies were quite shocked. Getting brave in my old age.

Then my 15 year old car died. I told DH it was the alternator but I am just a stupid woman. No no you need a new car this is dead. So ALL BY MYSELF I rented a car and went to the local used car superstore. Let's call it Carmax. Picked out a vehicle by my usual method of how does it feel when I sit in it. Had the last one for 10 years. It works. There were a few minor cosmetic and tailight issues which the very wonderful salesperson (who I bought the last one from) said they'd fix. Great. Took it in after they called. 3 hours. " Oh, we fixed the lights but the parts didn't come in." OK. Back the next week. "2 hours. Oh. we had to take the door off. 2 more hours. Oh we had to stick the key up our rears. 2 more hours. Oh we're done. Now we'll start on the next thing. " Don't think so. Got a lot of work done on socks. Left there really peeved at being lied to. They had to know how long that job would take. Back yesterday for the third time. After they called and said they had the part. Looked at the service manager with daggers of hate as I went in to the waiting room where I spent another 3 hours listening to daytime TV and a mother yelling at her baby. "Oh we had a special order it was a 2 part blahblah blah." Upon examination and discussion in a heated manner with the top service manager I deduced that they had ordered the wrong part and installed it. "Doesn't it look nice, they did a great job." Sure but that wasn't broken. By that time most of my lifelong habit of docile capitulation had been hacked away. They took umbrage at my desire for their deaths. We could have been on the 6 o'clock news. "Old lady driven mad by continual lies and delays of car repair people attacks them with size 0 sock needles." The other car is now working fine with it's new alternator. And I have to find someone to take the new one in next week. Refuse to look at their evil faces again.

Add to all this the continued poor behavior of child. Wasn't able to spin for 3 weeks. Had to order lots of fiber as reward for the pain. The picture is of the new bigger socks for Alison. Haven't figured out how to move it so it's up there.

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