Thursday, June 28, 2007

Have to start sometime

After many years of agonizing about a title and reading helps, I still have no clue about how to do this. Finally guilted my SIL into setting this up. Then she abandoned me, with 2 pictures posted. The pictures are of a huge batt, from ebay seller WinderwoodFarms. It was supposedly 8 oz but lasted forever and there are 500 yards of 2ply sport weight. Mixed fiber and lots of glitz that doesn't show up well BECAUSE: I can't figure out how to get Supermacro on my camera. Chats with tech support have yielded non-applicable page numbers for the manual. My last email of "Just tell me which button to push - 3rd request" remains unanswered. My teenage son has been less than helpful although he has had no trouble figuring out how to work the big tv.

Hopefully this blog will spur production of fiber related items. There's a moderate amount of spinning and less sock making. I spindled for about 5 years but wrist and hand issues forced the purchase of a Lendrum in February. Woolee Winder ordered a month later. Handling wool is difficult with the temps over 90 but I have made 2 pairs of Hedera anklets with part cotton yarn. These, if the picture shows up, are Meilenweit. I used Addi 1's and an afterthought heel. These were going to be for my neighbor Alison but she lied about the size of her foot. Can you imagine if someone offers you handmade socks, concealing the fact of EEEness?

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